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This is my flagship program, and I am currently redesigning it as a video series. When you subscribe to my mailing list, you will be notified of updates and additions to the program as they become available. Until then, please feel free to read on as background information, and to get a feel for what to expect.

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A mindset is a collection of attitudes, thoughts and beliefs that we use to help us to navigate our way through life.

It is our default programming, lodged deep in our subconscious, that manifests itself in the way that we talk about ourselves, in our behaviors and in our expectations for success.

A mindset can also be thought of as an “operating mode”. It’s the invisible pilot that drives the direction of our lives without our ever noticing it.

It designs our comfort zones, and it can often make stepping out of our comfort zones, despite a burning desire to do so, feel overwhelming.

Out mindsets are usually the only thing standing in the way between where we are now and where we want to be in life. In these cases, a Mindset Makeover is in order.

The techniques that I use in my Mindset Makeover Program have been proven to be highly effective in breaking out of the subconscious cycle of self-limiting thoughts and behaviors, and for moving on to a “next-level” performance mindset.

Here’s a breakdown of what my techniques are, and an idea of how they work:


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Your subconscious mind is what really controls your behaviors, not your conscious mind. Made popular by Tony Robbins, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the process of communicating with your subconscious mind and reprogramming it to direct your behaviors towards attaining the goals that you say that you want, but, somehow, for some reason, always remain just out of reach.


The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a law of The Universe that, at it’s core, states, “Like attracts Like” – what you think about, you attract. The Law of Attraction returns to us the energy that we feed into it, resulting in a life full of reflections of our inner selves. Learning to harness and use the power of The Law of Attraction to our positive advantage requires the understanding and application of 5 basic “rules” that are akin to goal-setting and goal-achieving.



My current personal development coach and mentor, Bob Proctor (of the Proctor Gallagher Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona), developed the concept of paradigm-shifting. A “paradigm” is a set of ideas that a person has (about their self-identity and individual potential – “can’t vs. can do”) that are fixed in their subconscious mind, becoming “habits”. Paradigm-shifting is based in NLP, but provides a dedicated framework for shifting habits from counter-productive to productive.


Program Fees

I’ve recently made the decision to offer my programs on a “pay what you want, pay what you can” basis.

That means that you can go to my account and enter whatever amount you choose, or are able to pay, in exchange for 6 weeks of 1-1 training with me in learning how to use the above-mentioned techniques for coaching yourself through any:

  • psychological challenges and mental blocks
  • bouts of negative self-talk, or doubt
  • periods of change that require pushing the limits of your comfort zone
  • feelings of lack
  • dips in motivation
  • loss of a sense of clarity

With me, you will learn how to:

  • reprogram your mind for recognizing when you are experiencing mental blocks so that you can clear them whenever you need to
  • overcome the default mode of negative self-talk, and replace it with positive self-talk on a consistent, long-term basis
  • navigate periods of change, taking control of the direction of your life, work and career
  • reframe negative circumstances in order to attract abundance and prosperity
  • use the power of visualization for staying motivated
  • create and develop a heightened sense of focus about your passion, your purpose, your mission, your vision and your goals

Included are:

  • a weekly, one-hour Skype session with me
  • a workbook of thought-provoking, change-inspiring, action-oriented activities
  • additional tailor-made exercises, activities and challenges designed to take you to the next level of your potential, as needed
  • one post-program, one-hour follow-up session to review your progress

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