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The Law Of Attraction eBook – Attract Your Ideal Relationship

"Ideal" means perfect...for you. A journey of self-discovery. This 25-page, 6-week crash course puts the power of The Law of Attraction in your hands. Learn The Law's 5 basic "rules" and how you can apply them quickly and easily to attract your ideal relationship.


This was my first eBook. I had originally published it as an online course in 2018 as part of my personal development work with women, then, at the beginning of this year (2019), I decided to publish it as a PDF download for going-at-your-own-pace and to invite a broader audience to experience its wealth of knowledge.

In my coaching, I use the 5 basic “rules” of The Law of Attraction, presented in detail in this course, to help my clients to, first, gain clarity around the goal or goals that they have set for themselves, and, then, to follow the time-tested process for achieving those goals and living the life that they imagined for themselves.

Don’t let the title dissuade you. As they say, it’s about the journey… And because I’m offering it, here, to you, I’ve discounted the price from $14.99 to $6.99. WordPress orders are filled immediately upon notification.

Here’s an overview of what’s inside this download:

A Preface
– a sharing of why I wrote the course, what I hope you get out of it and who I am grateful to for their training and support in using The Law of Attraction.

Introduction and Overview
– a welcome and thank you for your purchase, followed by a brief explanation of how to go through the course in order to get the best results for you.

Lesson 1: Our Framework – The Law of Attraction
– a definition of The Law of Attraction and a presentation of the inner workings of The Law in the form of 5 basic “rules” which need to be adhered to for results.
– the first activity

Lesson 2: Recall, Forgive, Let Go
– a process for preparing to receive your desire.
– the second activity (to print out)

Lesson 3: Who Knows What’s Best For You?
– a process of self-discovery to help you to gain a sense of ownership over your desire.
– the third activity (to print out)

Lesson 4: Your Focus Is Your Vibe
– an explanation of “vibrations” and “frequencies”.
– the fourth activity

Lesson 5: The Law of Giving and Receiving
– a discussion of Karma and the act of “exchange”
– this activity is more subtle than those in the previous lessons because the information is usually well-integrated into the learner by this point. 

Lesson 6: Nurturing Your Relationships
– the last lesson of the course. It summarizes the main point of the course and guides you toward the future.

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