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I first discovered personal development in about 1995, when I was working as a Museum Educator in an immigration history museum in my home town of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was my first real job after college, where I studied Speech Communications. I helped alot of people to recognize the value of their cultural heritage within the fabric of the United States from a historical perspective.

It was then that I first realized that, often times, people approach life from a very isolated point of view – feeling no sense of grounding within themselves (sense of self) because they see and feel no sense of connection to the world around them, what came before them, or the future. Many people feel like feathers in the wind – powerless to influence the direction of their lives.

That realization hurt my heart.

It was during that very early time in my career that I began to devote myself to the development of self-confidence, self-trust and self-awareness in others for the purposes of helping them to find the courage and strength to aspire to greater things in their lives than they previously had before. I dedicated myself to helping people to see the ways in which they could seize control of the direction of their lives – driving it straight towards their dreams.

Over the nearly 30 years that followed that moment, I have worked with communities, individuals, businesses, organizations and institutions to empower them and their members to value their individual contributions in community and in society, and their worth as individuals.

I accomplished all of this while simultaneously battling the daily effects of IBD (irritable bowel disease), which I succumbed to when I was 17 years old, and for which I had to undergo surgery multiple times over the years. I’m now 50 years old.

Overcoming my personal health struggles to build my own solid sense of self-esteem, self-trust, self-confidence and self-awareness is the conerstone of my experiences that has contributed to the work that I have engaged in in my professional encounters.

The personal development skills that I learned, practiced and mastered early in my life (NLP, The Law of Attraction, Paradigm-shifting), and technically refined through study and mentorship in my later years, is what I bring to the table in my work with the world.

Below is a presentation of some more of my abilities, gained throughout my varied career, which I use in support of the personal development of others.


As a facilitator, I know how to give you the safe space that you need to freely express your needs and thoughts and to explore your options for overcoming your challenges and reaching your goals.


Providing non-invasive, encouraging support during your self-exploration and growth process is a skill that I bring with me from my work as an educator and trainer. For a taste, check out my video online course on soft skills, here.


The former Executive Coach and business english consultant and coach in me works with you to zero-in on your mindset concerning your performance and to remove those blocks, freeing you up to step into your role fully.


The time I spent working as a project manager, and organizational consultant lends my experience for helping you to visualize and map out the personal development road ahead of you, and to work together to create a plan for navigating that road.


As a long-time media contributor, I have provided commentary on a range of social issues with diplomacy and discretion. An optimal style for providing you with feedback and recommendations for making progress.

Do you feel that my skills would support you in your training?

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