Michelle Charles, Personal Developmet Coach
Hi, I’m Michelle Charles, and Personal Development is my passion!

I love helping people develop the self-awareness, self-confidence and self-trust they need to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams.

My mission is to help you to connect with the power of personal development. 

When I started my own personal development journey back in 2012, I was all over the internet searching for direction on how to master my mindset, how to meditate, what were solfeggio frequencies and how could they help me to raise my vibration so that I could make The Law of Attraction work for me.

I had engaged in personal development before, but had never made it a central focus of my life until I found myself alone in a two-room apartment in Germany (where I have been living since 2008 – in Germany, not in the two-room apartment) – with no friends, a freelancing job that was draining my soul, and no idea what my future would bring, if I were to stay on such a trajectory. 

I wanted guidance on how to move from my negative subliminal programming and mindset of lack, that was keeping me stuck in place and afraid to change, to a mindset of self-empowerment, abundance and prosperity so that I could manifest the wealth, freedom and control over my life that I knew were my divine right.

I spent countless hours in the evenings seeking out mentors, guides and coaches who I could follow and learn from to help me to build my sense of self-confidence and self-esteem, especially since I was also still suffering from a chronic illness that had been impacting my weight, diet, mobility and endurance for over 30 years and made me feel isolated and insecure.

Over the years, I took what I had learned and practiced and eventually turned my knowledge and skills into a successful personal development coaching business where I have helped people to overcome the very issues that I had been struggling with, only without all of the time-consuming and hit-or-miss internet searching that I had to go through when I started.

Now, I’ve decided to take my work a step further by creating this website where you can find all of your personal development needs in one place.

Together with my own ebooks, training videos and blog, I’ve pulled together some of the most effective resources I could find for helping you to quickly achieve success along your own personal development journey.

Through my site, you can access resources for mastering your mindset, creating wealth and abundance, clearing negative subconscious programming and replacing it with positive self-affirming thoughts and beliefs for seizing control of your life, forming positive habits and behaviors and becoming the person you’ve always known you could be.

And everything here is automated.

That’s right.

No need for appointments.

No expensive coaching fees.

My experiences have taught me that everyone who wants to be, do and have more in life should be able to easily connect with the resources that can help to make that possible.

Just visit the site whenever you feel the need for a personal development timeout, or pick-me-up, a few minutes of video training, or to purchase a tool that you can download for use when it’s most convenient for you.

Think of this website as being your own private personal development spa.

All that I ask for in return is a contribution in the amount of your choosing to help support my on-going work in supplying the content on this website.

I’m speaking mainly in regard to my original Mindset Makeover Video Trainings modules, where you can find my contribution link.

I script, record, and edit these videos myself based on material from my Your Mindset Makeover Program that I used to offer in my 1-1 sessions, and which is no longer available except in these video training modules.

I add to this list of Mindset Makeover Video Trainings regularly, complete with download links where applicable. So, be sure to come back and visit often, or subscribe to my mailing list to be notified personally when a new video has been uploaded.

If you want to receive updates about future activities and offerings on this website, I encourage you to subscribe. Thank You!

So, while individual vendor products presented here can be bought at reasonable prices that are preset by the vendor (I receive a commission on every sale), I am relying on your honest estimation about the overall VALUE of the service that this website provides for determining my compensation for gathering this information, creating informative and actionable original material, and guiding you through the process of using it all.

Using the resources made available here, you can learn valuable personal development skills such as how to use The Law of Attraction, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Paradigm-Shifting to help you to:

  • learn how to use the power of visualization to light your path to the future
  • understand how to constructively create and navigate change
  • learn how to overcome your bouts of self-doubt and negative self-talk
  • find out how “mapping” your successes of the past can streamline your future
  • get a mindset makeover for consistently postive thinking, actions and results
  • conquer any blocks you may have about accumulating large amounts of money – how to do it, how much is “enough”, and who is “deserving”

And, if you are an entrepreneur, my blog features a series of special articles for entrepreneurs, where you can learn how to address some of the toughest day-to-day mindset challenges that we face in dealing with building a successful, income-generating business. 

I wrote these articles as a way of sharing my best practices for common issues that I, myself, have successfully applied in my own experiences as an entrepreneur, while I was coaching entrepreneurs exclusively.

Future blog articles that I am planning will cover broader personal development topics such as: is it procrastination or a period of transformation?, what is a paradigm?, how does NLP work?, and what, really, is the definition of success?

If you want to receive updates about future activities and offerings on this website, I encourage you to subscribe. Thank You!

So, I invite you to look around and enjoy the tips and coaching that I have made available here on offer, as well as browse the vendor products available for purchase.

Check out my Zoom interview with Iveta Zaklasnikova, Administrator for the Facebook Group, Global Laptop Women. In it, I tell my story of personal development through chronic illness – forging a strong sense of self-identity and staying committed to my life as an international entrepreneur despite challenges and challenging decisions and choices.

At the end of the interview, I give a training in how to harness the power of visualization for achieving your goals in work and life.

Plant growing through the cracks in a pavement.

Oh, and all of my video trainings are completely smartphone and tablet friendly – so they work great on the go!

These are my Blog Articles for Entrepreneurs:

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The Art of Managing Change and Forming New Habits For Success

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